About Us

Swell is a licensed and insured Delta 8 and CBD manufacturing company. We have been inspected by and comply with Florida’s state hemp program.

Our hemp is grown in Colorado and our terpenes are sourced from Northern California and Oregon. All of our products are made in house at our facility.

Our science team carefully formulates all of our products with precision. We believe highly in preserving the culture of the cannabis plant, while ensuring our products are of the highest grade. 

We care about educating our consumers on the products they may be consuming because not all products on the market are created equal.

There are manufacturers who use products that contain pesticides and others who use low quality or synthetic ingredients. Even some do not dose their products correctly making the consumer think they are taking the specified amount, when in reality, they are taking too little.

Swell’s Science Team’s #1 priority is ensuring the products we manufacture are accurately dosed and produced free from all unnatural ingredients.